Pam Mossing's Artist Statement


Wherever I look, I see a canvas: a chance to infuse a space with color and movement, memories and love. It’s always been that way, from the time I was a fine arts student to today. Twenty years ago my passion was reignited while painting storybook images on a classroom wall at my daughter’s school. That was it. After that, I was painting large-scale murals on library walls, backdrops for school plays and even displays at the local Trader Joe’s. Large or small, intimate or public, it doesn’t matter where I paint, just so long as I am creating something that delights.


What raises my art to my passion, however, is when I tap into those simple, everyday elements that tug at our humanity and define us — from beloved animals to transformational journeys to the quiet embrace of ‘home’, each holds personal and unique meaning for every one of us. 


Today, I’m devoted to helping others express, honor, celebrate and cherish what is most important in their lives. I think of my approach to art as “Personal Expressionism,” and my purpose is to help you turn a cherished memory into a treasure.

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